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Wholesale Internet Services

We wholesale a range of Internet services to IT consultants and resellers. With UnitedIP you now have the choice to deliver solid, SLA-backed, business-grade solutions from a mix of carriers.

Through our staff and selection of carriers we offer a suite of vendor-neutral options that will truly allow you to provide unique solutions to your clients.

Get in touch with us today to see how our services can set your business apart from your competition!

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11 Brookhollow Avenue
Norwest Business Park
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Phone: 02 8825 5586 .

Internet Connections

As a purely wholesale ISP we offer a variety of business-grade, SLA-backed Internet and WAN links so you can provide your customers with Tier 1-style services without the enterprise pricing!

MPLS and Wide Area

Imagine building a private network for your clients over a range of carriers and technologies without the need for IPSec tunnels! Our Wide Area Networks will allow your clients to take full advantage of true MPLS VPNs

Hosting and Co-Location

Hosting your equipment within your WAN is essential to providing tail-speed connectivity to your infrastructure. Let us help tailor a co-location and hosting package for your clients.

Core Services

    Wholesale ISP:
  • Business-grade DSL
  • Business-grade Wireless
  • Fibre Connectivity
  • MPLS Wide Area Networks